Freshie Home 36 Pack Zipper Replacement Zipper Repair Kit

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Package includes 36 pack zipper repair kit
Model 1 and model 2: 5# (2 models, 3 pack each model, total: 6 pack); Model 3: 4# (1 models, 3 pack); Model 4: 3# (1 models, 3 pack)
Model 1 and model 3 zipper replacement only can be applied to the metal zipper; Model 2 and model 4 zipper replacement can be applied to the resin and plastic zipper
12 x Bottom stoppers, 12 x top stoppers; Note: the picture has the zipper size, make sure your zipper type and size before you buy the zipper replacement.
It fits for jeans, skirts and slacks, purses, sweatshirts and jackets, etc.

3 reviews for Freshie Home 36 Pack Zipper Replacement Zipper Repair Kit

  1. Beatrice Milton

    Used to fix a broken zipper on a jacket. Using needlenose pliers, very easy to replace parts. Nice quality. So far its holding up on one of my winter jackets. Does feel like metal.

  2. Clement Roosevelt

    I repaired several sweatshirts with this set already. I didn’t realize some of our sweatshirts had the plastic zippers, but I used these anyway, even though they’re a bit harder to zip. Maybe I’ll get the other correct set if I have any more plastic zippers go bad. Until then, I’ll be able to fix jeans, etc. instead of throwing them away.

  3. Nina Gill

    I didn’t know what to expect but I received a whole lot of everything I didn’t know I needed for a great price. In store this price is for just one zipper replacement so I was beyond happy.

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