Freshie Home Bicycle Safety Metal Pants Clips/Pant Leg Band, 1 Pair

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Reflective band to hold pant out of chain
Lightweight felt material design
from only the best materials – three year guarantee on materials and workmanship
With reflective strips, the effect is very good
Feel free to contact us if there is any quality problems with your order, the return and refund will be issued without any questions

3 reviews for Freshie Home Bicycle Safety Metal Pants Clips/Pant Leg Band, 1 Pair

  1. Isabel Aled

    Saves pants from grease stains! I can’t stand the idea of dressing up to ride a bike less than ten miles outside of a race, so I bought these and now I just pull the hem taught, fold it along the outside of my ankle, and push the clip over the fold from the back. Now I can arrive in light pants and not look like trash! Thanks.

  2. Gustave O’Neil

    Got the idea from a YouTube quilting video to use these handy items to quilt my quilt rolled and manageable while quilting on my machine. Fantastic!

  3. Cedric Edie

    I used to use a rubber band to hold my pant legs in while biking. They would get brittle and break sometimes while I was riding and my pant leg would get caught in the chain. These bands work exactly how they should the reflective piece on the bands are great for night riding. Love them

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